Do your own research when it comes to using sugar substitutes. Over the weekend I unknowingly used a product that had the sugar replacer, Sorbitol listed as the first ingredient ( definitely didn’t know it at the time). For 3 solid days I had stomach pain immediately after I ate and at night whether I ate or not. It is only today, Day 4, that I was able to eat without pain following but still feel slight residual as I write this. Oh, and btw and perhaps a little TMI…my stool was very dark brown- black (very unusual for me). Sugar free and low fat ARE NOT always your best or healthiest options. Moderation just might be the answer.

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Ladimax Women’s Wisdom: Leaving Your Life To LIVE!

Ladimax Women’s Wisdom: Leaving Your Life To LIVE!    Have you ever experienced a time in your life where every, single aspect of it was in flux? Every part of it was changing? Where you woke up one day, where you lived, where you worked, the car you drove and the relationships you had, had changed? It was like the universe said, ‘We are taking all of the comfortable parts of your life, but leaving you.’ Yep. That happened to me. On this day, one year ago, the final thread was pulled on personal and professional relationships that had been unraveling for months. You may be asking yourself, “Why is Nicole, who specializes in transforming women’s bodies, talking about this? Because this is life and as much as I like to talk about the good in people’s lives, I believe that every experience is one to be learned from, and not just those in the gym. Related: About Ladimax Sports And Fitness And Nicole Sanders I know I’m not alone; people deal with change everyday. But what do you do when all of it happens over a course of a few days or weeks? Here are the 9 Life Lessons I learned, how I not only survived but thrived and how you can too. REALIZE PERCEPTION vs. REALITY: Some people prefer to create their own story rather than accept the real one; others, even after having the true story, still create their own. You cannot help those people so let them live in their fantasy world. Be comfortable with knowing the real story and comfortable that they do not....


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