Moving That Middle Age Spread! 
Ladimax Lifestyle Summer Camp-
Epilogue (VIDEO)


The summer has come and gone but not without one last bit of fun!

Late last year, we introduced a new concept called Ladimax Lifestyle, aimed at teaching women how to move, eat better for optimal nutrition and how to build muscle.

One side effect though has been the sense of community and camaraderie that comes with women supporting one another.

Under the Ladimax Lifestyle banner, we have also held a series of retreat experiences; the first one in Austin, Texas in March and a second one in The Catskills in May, 2016.

Click below for more on the first Retreat Experience!

The second one was a bit different. We took more women (twice as many, in fact) and it was more of a “cabin-in-the-woods” experience with outdoor exercise and a Warrior Dash.

A very special thanks to for sponsoring our Ladimax Lifestyle Summer Camp! We could never have undertaken this experience had we chosen to stay in a hotel. Not only did we save money but we bonded and changed lives too!

It worked great for us so make sure to check them out for your next vacation!


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